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Organization of exhibitions

Our mission is an organization of art exhibitions of our famous authors. Our exhibition sales gallery is located at Ilica 190 in Zagreb where every day you can see the current exhibition and buy a picture that will complement your home, office, business premises or beautify your apartment, motel or hotel.

Furnishing Works of art

The Fine Touch Art Gallery also offers the service of organizing art works of your offices and business premises, as well as the apartments, motels and hotels. Also,you can order picture with an artist. With us you can order your perfect picture today.

Purchase of works of art

Contact us with confidence if you need an assessment of the artwork or want to sell a work of art. Our art consultant, mag. Stella Dobrina, a professor of history of art and philosophy will make a professional evaluation of values for you.

Our team

Vedran Mihalić

Founder and Executive Director

Kristina Munn

Dipl. Lur. Gallery Manager

Stella Dobrina

Mag. Prof. Art history and philosophy-Professional artistic advisor

Stanko Dobrina

Academic painter, stage designer, restorer-PROFESSIONAL ARTISTIC ADVISOR


New opened Art Gallery

Tuesday, 06. On August 2019. The opening ceremony of the New Art Gallery “Fine Touch Art Gallery” was held, in Ilica 190, Zagreb. Mr. Vedran Mihalić, the founder and executive director of the Gallery, welcomed everyone present and said a few words about the reasons and objectives of opening a new art gallery, as well as the immediate and long-term plans of the same. He especially welcomed and thanked two of our eminent artists, Mr. Stanislav Dobrina, academic painter, restorator and scenograph, and Mr. A Mladen Legin, an academic painter, who was willing to expose his artwork for this grand opening. A special greeting and thanks for responding to this opening is addressed to our eminent, versatile artists, Mr. Antunu Matešu, academic painter, Mr. Josip Konta, academic painter and sculptor as well as Mr. Zlatko Grgić, Academic painter… A few photos from this opening can be viewed here.

Currently placed artists

Mladen Legin

Academic painter